Architectural Review Board Protocol, Procedures and Guidelines

  • Guidelines For Color Palettes
    • The purpose of the Arc is to promote a homogeneous community framework with respect to all neighbors. The purpose of a thoughtful color selection is to create harmony within the community. The exterior materials and colors of a residence should be selected to complement the colors of existing residences in the neighborhood. In dealing with color, the committee will consider the entire community as well as the individual house. The direction of color within the neighborhood over the past several years has been muted earth tones, white, and grays. For this reason, the use of bright or dark colors/hues is not being approved by the ARC at this time. All homeowners shall submit to the ARC the proposed exterior choices for approval prior to starting any work.
      An approved Palmetto Point Color chart will be available through found under Homeowners Association Color Archive. There will be a link on the website. (Coming Soon) Colors not on the approved list may be submitted for approval to the ARC.



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